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Make new connections and grow your leadership skills while giving back!


Volunteering with the VSCPA is one of the best professional development experiences you can have while giving back to the community. By volunteering with us, you'll gain additional leadership experience, build your résumé and forge new friendships. No matter your interest, we have many ways you can get involved! Ready to volunteer?


Join the volunteer pool on Connect

VSCPA volunteers are invited to attend the Leaders' Summit, a two-day leadership program exclusively for volunteers. Join the volunteer pool or view volunteer openings here. For more information on the volunteer opportunities listed, contact Executive Assistant Julie Chamberlain at [email protected] or (804) 612-9405. 


Volunteer with CPAs in the Classroom 

As part of our commitment to help educate middle and high school students about the different career paths in accounting, the VSCPA launched a grassroots campaign called CPAs in the Classroom. We now have two ways for you to volunteer with CPAs in the Classroom— you can schedule your own visit or search existing opportunities near you. Learn more here!